Labour and Advanced Education Workplace Education Initiative

The Mi’kmaw Economic Benefits Office (MEBO) offers free training opportunities through Labour and Advanced Education and their Workplace Education Initiative. This initiative promotes learning at work and supports the development of workers by increasing their workplace skills. MEBO is offering the following courses and we encourage you to register as soon as possible. All courses will be offered via Zoom online and are 40 hour courses, provided in 3 – 4 hour modules. There is no cost for the courses, but pre-registration and needs assessments are required prior to being accepted for the course.

Course Descriptions

Business Skills

Learn the basics of business including strategic positioning, marketing fundamentals, pricing, action plans, team building, bidding and tendering.

Communication Skills for Frontline Employees - Level I

Learn about communication, listening, best practices, difficult conversations, goal setting, leading meetings, time management.

Communication Skills for Supervisors - Level I

Same modules as Communication Skills for Frontline Employees, with the emphasis on supervisory roles.

Communication Skills for Leaders – Level I

Same modules as Communication Skills for Supervisors, with the emphasis on leadership roles.

Communication Skills for Frontline Employees - Level II

Learn about crucial conversations, giving and receiving feedback, conflict resolution, building trust, learning styles, negotiations, problem solving, respectful workplace.

Communication Skills for Supervisors - Level II

Same modules as Communication Skills for Frontline Employees Level II, with the emphasis on supervisory roles.

Customer Service Excellence in a Multigenerational Marketplace

Learn about the customer profile, customer service culture, service standards and evaluation, effective listening skills, professionalism, reducing customer turnover.

Excel – Level I

Learn to build and use spreadsheets, creating and using formulas, formatting and printing data, charting and graphing.

Excel – Level II

Learn data analysis and reporting, linking and embedding for reporting, integratin and dataflow, formulas, macros.

Financial Fundamentals – Level I

Learn accounting definitions, financial tools, financial organization, basic financial statements, government reporting, pricing, budgeting, cashflows, analysis.

Financial Fundamentals – Level II

Learn the forms of business, creating and analyzing balance sheets, planning and budgets, managing cashflow, applying for financing, inventory, succession planning.

HR Essentials

Learn to identify Human Resource needs, job analysis, job descriptions, interview and selection process, performance management, personnel files, policies and procedures, leading staff meetings.

Marketing for Business

Learn to define the marketing strategy, create a positioning statement, develop target markets, gather and analyze data, promotions, sales cycle, relationship marketing, social media platforms.

Performance Management

Learn to identify core components, learning styles, goal setting, performance logs, appraisal tools, progressive discipline, onboarding process, conducting interviews.

Professional Sales

Learn to understand the sales cycle, develop sales approaches based on needs, questions, objections, sales pitch, customer relations, sales mindset.

SAGE Accounting – Level I

Learn to review financial foundation concepts, set up a company, set up invoices and receipts, set up bills and purchase orders, payroll, bank reconciliations, year-end procedures, adjusting entries.

SAGE Accounting – Level II

Learn to review financial statements, customize modules, understand tax codes, manage inventory, process journal entries, payroll entries/reporting, create financial statements, government reporting.

Social Media for Business

Learn about business posts, Twitter accounts, Linked In accounts, Google accounts, Instagram accounts, Pinterest accounts, set up social media manager, marketing and promotion.

Transformational Leadership – Level I

Learn to identify the foundations of leadership, personal leadership style, five levels of leadership, leading others, characteristics of trust, change process, respectful workplace.

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