Community update for Nova Scotia Aboriginal Employment Partnership

Importance of a balanced economic approach to business

Owen Fitzgerald (Executive Director, Unama’ki Economic Benefits Office) discusses how the Unama’ki Economic Benefits Office got it’s start, its early opportunities, and the importance of a balanced economic approach to business.

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First Nation Leaders From BC Visit Nova Scotia: East-West Collaboration on Shipbuilding

Four First Nation community leaders are visiting Nova Scotia this week to share ideas and to take a collaborative approach to ensuring Aboriginals are part of the $33 billion National Shipbuilding program.

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NSAEP Begins Province Wide Recruitment for New Training Programs

May 13, 2013 —May 16, 2013

The new “Nova Scotia Aboriginal Employment Partnership” (NSAEP) is now holding recruitment sessions in preparation to roll out some new training programs.

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New Aboriginal Website Focused on Business Development & Training

The new “Nova Scotia Aboriginal Employment Partnership” (NSAEP) will provide training and work experience for Aboriginals across Nova Scotia in the shipbuilding industry, the spin-off economy, and other growth sectors.

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Unama’ki Communities Sign Apprenticeship Agreement with Province

The five First Nation communities in Cape Breton (Unama’ki) are taking a collaborative approach to increase Aboriginal participation in the apprentice-able trades and occupations.

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First Nations Train for Shipbuilding Opportunities

The federal government is contributing $6 million in funding for the Unama’ki Economic Benefits Office (UEBO) in Membertou, to train Aboriginals across Nova Scotia for opportunities resulting from the $25 billion Irving Shipbuilding contract.

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