Marine Services Industry Growing in Port of Sydney:

Sydport, NS, Jun 29, 2016. Marine activity is picking up in Sydney Harbour. A new marine services business recently established an operation in the Port of Sydney. Heddle Marine Services is focused on ship repair and currently has eight vessels tied up at its facility in Sydport. They have a crew of 17 so far working on servicing these vessels. Much of their work is from the Newfoundland Offshore and their workers are mostly welders, fabricators and labourers.

Mike Moore, originally from Sydney, is the Regional Manager for Heddle Marine East and he said that six of his workers are local Aboriginals. He says they are some of his best workers. The Mi’kmaw Economic Benefits Office (MEBO) is working with Heddle Marine to recruit skilled workers and Moore is confident his workforce will continue to grow.

The photo shows Tyler Gould, Program Manager, MEBO, Blaise Marshall of Eskasoni, now working for Heddle Marine and Mike Moore, Regional Manager, Heddle Marine East.

Heddle Marine Service offers full fabrication, mechanical, machining, electrical and hydraulic support service to both offshore and onshore for Oil and Gas clients, Industrial Facilities and all types of vessels in the marine industry. Its founding Ontario facility is located in Hamilton.

In 2012, Heddle Marine Service Inc. established a local Fabrication and Mechanical Repair Facility on the East Coast of Canada with headquarters in Newfoundland. In 2015 expansion from this Division has led to the acquisition of the Sydport quayside facility which includes a full mobile Ship Repair service to the province of Nova Scotia.

Mi’kmaw Economic Benefits Office (MEBO) seeks to build a broad network of industry and government partners, and in doing so identify both employment and business opportunities for local Aboriginals. MEBO works to prepare and support both individuals and Aboriginal businesses to be part of these opportunities. The Benefits Office strives to educate industry and government departments of the value of having a diverse workforce and in doing so, provide solutions on how to better engage Aboriginals. MEBO helps industry find the workers they need through promotion and recruitment efforts and provides training when necessary. MEBO is a non-profit organization serving all five First Nation communities in Cape Breton (Unama’ki) and works closely with other Aboriginal organizations in the Maritimes. Their office is in Membertou.