Visited the Dexter HQ in Bedford today. They are the largest civil construction company in Atlantic Canada, with some 2,000 employees. Highway construction is a big part of their work. MEBO is proud to be partnering with Dexter towards having more local Aboriginals intheir workforce. Today we got to meet with two Aboriginals that are participating in Dexter Heavy Equipment Operator, Skilled Workforce Program at the Bedford facility. They are Troy Zahara from Membertou (right) and ShawnMason from Indian Brook. They are two of the top students in a 15 week program that leads to full time employment. Tryler Gould, Training Coordinator withMEBO and Ann Sylliboy of MK were at the meeting with Dexter. Dexter officials were Brad Johnson, Director of Training and David Steele, Manager of Program, Development and outreach. Dexter officials said they had more than 100 applications for the program and could only accept 20.  During the visit to Dexter facility, MEBO staff got to check out the Heavy Equipment Simulator that students train onbefore getting to operate the real thing. Shown at simulator (L-R) are BradJohnson of Dexter, student Shawn Mason from Indian Brook, Tyler Gould-MEBO and student Troy Zahara from Membertou.